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The War Begins


Hi guys, I'm pretty sure that you guys haven't heard about my name yet. However, I hope you could check on some of my musics that I'm getting to work with. Basically, this site will provide you with the latest informations about my musics. I created this website in order to let you guys hear my musics as I'm still unlabeled and unsigned so, this is the only way to promote my musics. I hope you guys would enjoy my musics and yeah, please spread the word. I also hoped that you guys would sign up to be my street team and of course, together we will make a difference in the music industry. 


Thanks for stopping by.




Update : 27th January 2012 : New Tracks

So, I've shut down my blogger and facebook account.

Might be for good. As I've been spending too much time on them.

Let's put that aside and focus more on the real deal.


I'm currently writing and recording new tracks. Finished 3 of them and still in the process of writing the fourth. However I won't be releasing any of them, at least not for the time being.


Why? Let's just say, I need to find the perfect time, probably after exam or during the summer break, I don't know. Being a medical student is busy, and I'm so effin busy catchin' up with life so, yeah. I'll need some time to introduce my new babies to you guys out there.


I know there are some of my new friends here in Alexandria that had been browsing this page, thanks for visiting.



Iman Azlan 

Update : 16th March

I have just uploaded a new album cover. You guys should check it out in the Music Player below and please, write in the guestbook and tell me what you think about the new Album Cover.


Secondly, I have also updated the Links section. I have added the Recommended Blogs category which is a category for blogs that I find quite interesting and amusing. Therefore, you guys should take a look at the Links and of course, read the blogs. And again, please don't forget to tell me what you think in the Guestbook section.

Thanks for supporting my music :) 

Update : 11th February

I've just uploaded a new song. The title is 'The Deceiver'.

It tells us about the Antichrist and the Dajjal which is a bad character in the Bibles and the al-Quran. You can listen to the song in the Music Player below.

Thanks for supporting my music :) 

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